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Be A Creator – 11:22:16, 11.29 PM – SoundCloud –

Money Don’t Sleep  Money don't sleep capping off these sucka sheep Finesse Campaign man this shit don't come cheap call me hell bral make you sow what you reap money don't sleep creeping while I lay low wit da draco turn ya ass to playdo tell these groupies fallback I gotta get this cake ho Benjamin's bounce back like a fuckin yo yo billionaire lifestyle imma teach ya how to flip a mill bro niggas in my city moving to dam slow having to much sauce might make  ya fall off watch me build a vision to a real boss sleep on the campaign that's ya damn loss all about investing aint got no time to floss got my name in ya mouth you gotta pay the cost mafucka perpetrating call em rick Ross gave ya bitch a school report she gotta 4.0 gave her sum extra credit now she gotta go im on this solar flow iced out like a cosmic glow remember Dem days when me n bro popped all the mo the abundance won't stop till I say so money don't sleep so I don't either imma turn a hater to a believer always been an achiever pussy pleaser billion dollar leader my goal is to make millionaires off of my sleepers no one else can go deeper in life or ya spice yea im like dat mixing sauce wit spice blessed with all this cheesecake you can get a slice 2016 thugs running round here like a bunch of mice billion dollar game opportunity imma roll the dice