$13 Billion Dollar Niche That Has 75 Million People Obsessed With It 

Gun safety 

Gun violence is every where weather its in the news, or in your neighborhoods. Do to gun violence gun safety is the niche that is in very high demand 
Over 300 Americans are shot on a daily basis for so many reasons including murder, assault, suicide, and police intervention.

You would think it would be a decrease in gun owners due to the recent events and 2 amendment controversies, but the gun ownership statistic is on the rise.

That means the gun safety niche is gold over the next few years and with over 75 million gun owners out here there is no doubt that we need more authorities in the gun safety niche.

This niche has a very profitable market. It is filled with problems, solutions, and content that be created for a long time.

You should get involved in this niche because there are tons of information to sell share and influencers to connect with 

In the next coming blogs I plan on revealing how much money is being spent, why this niche is profitable, and what products are being sold the most so u can get an idea of what to do for your potential audience tune in to TheMillionaireDigest.wordpress.com and Quantumfinesss.wordpress.com for more information and details on the gun safety niche 

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